Kelim 24K 105×153 cm


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Size: 105×153 cm

Our Moroccan Kelim carpets are hand-woven by the women of the Berber tribes, which is the native population of Morocco. Kelim (kilim) is a certain technique and way of weaving that has spread from the East to North Africa because of the silk road.

Traditionally, Moroccan rugs are woven for their usefulness rather than decorative purposes. The Moroccan kelim carpets are different from the Turkish in the choice of bright colors and the design of the unique patterns that represent the Berber tribes’ creative history. In the twentieth century, Moroccan rugs have become widespread in the West because of the colorful details and beautiful patterns. They stand in contrast to the Scandinavian design in terms of style.

Our range of Kelim carpets are authentic and original Berber woven carpets, imported directly from Morocco.


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