Beni Ouarain carpets

Material: Sheets wool
Washing instructions: cleaned

Beni Ouarain, berber blankets are made of 100% sheep’s wool, uncoloured and can be easily called for the most comfortable carpets in the world. These rugs are very durable and often inherit, according to Moroccan culture. They are known to be warm and considered as a luxury product for those who appreciate the natural.
Our carpets are hand woven blankets from the Atlas Mountains. In these mountains you find an old-fashioned breed that lives in the harsh, natural surroundings. The sheep produce the quality wool that makes Beni Ouarain blankets special.
These blankets are an old craft from the Berber tribes and the motifs are traditional patterns. The signature style is geometric design, where the symbols tell a story of the life of the weaver. The patterns are dark brown lines and shapes on a white or cream-colored background.
Each carpet is unique and according to tradition, the carpets are used as wedding gifts. They can also be used to keep you warm during the night or you may feel cold by having something soft under your feet.